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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering and Shipping

Warranties & Limits of Liability

Privacy Disclosure


Ordering and Shipping

How can I place and pay for my order?

Orders may be submitted through this secure website, by e-mail or by calling in. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal Express Checkout, and Wire Transfer. We do not accept checks. You can pay online using your Visa, MasterCard or American Express card by clicking the green "checkout" box on your cart page. You will be prompted to add your billing, shipping and card information directly through our secure website. In order to use the express checkout methods from Google or PayPal, simply click the appropriate button on your cart page. Follow the prompts provided. If you call or e-mail your order, we process your credit card manually with out on-site machine. For wire transfers, weprovide the information to make the transfers by email. Our telephone and email addresses can be found on the "Contact" page link in the header above.

When can I expect my order to be shipped?

If the items you ordered are in stock, and ordered by 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, they will typically ship the same day. You will be notified by email if there is a significant delay, and informed of the expected shipping date. We try to avoid back orders, however, it does occur and your patience is greatly appreciated.

When can I expect to receive my order after it has been shipped?

You may select from several shipping options during the checkout process. Please select the service that best suits your needs, and be informed that Ground service does not guarantee an exact delivery date.

Roe Racing is based in the Eastern Standard Time zone and closes at 5:30pm. When selecting your shipping service, please be aware that depending on the time of day, the order may not be processed and shipped until the following business day. Furthermore, day one of shipping begins the next business day after the order has been shipped from our location. For example, an order placed at 5:00pm Pacific Standard Time (8:00pm EST) on a Monday using Second Day Air service, will not be processed until Tuesday morning at our Eastern Time location. It will ship Second Day Air as specified in the order and will be scheduled to arrive to your location on Thursday. If your order is needed by a certain date, please choose your shipping option accordingly or contact us for assistance

All shipments over $500.00 will require a signature upon delivery. No Signature Required is available for UPS Ground shipments only, upon customer request. Any request to waive a Signature at time of delivery is subject to approval or refusal by Roe Racing.

Roe Racing is not responsible for weather (i.e. snow, rain) and mechanical related delays. Express shipping cannot be refunded in the event of these delays.

How are returns handled?

Any Roe Racing product suspected of being defective must be returned via prepaid freight for inspection, within 30 days of the purchase. If it is found to be defective in materials or workmanship, it will be replaced at no charge, including freight.

All items returned for refund are subject to a 15% restocking fee, and may only be received for return within the first 30 days of purchase. Custom & Special orders are non-refundable. No cash or credit card refunds after 30 days.

No refunds will be issued on parts that have been used, altered, or changed in any way.

All returns must be accompanied by a copy of the invoice along with a brief note explaining the reason for the return. No C.O.D. returns will be accepted, and shipping costs will not be refunded.

How are refused shipments handled?

Any shipment that is refused without authorization will be subject to freight charge backs and handling fees.

Can I cancel my order?

Before the order has been shipped, it may be cancelled. Once order has been shipped, there is no opportunity to cancel. You must wait to receive the item and then ship it back in accordance with return terms.

Warranties & Limits of Liability

What are Roe Racing's limits of liablity?

Roe Racing reserves the right to provide sole remedy. Damages exclude consequential, special, exemplary, punitive, lost profits, personal injury, whether or not based on contract, tort or warranty.

What is Roe Racing's policy on warranties?

PRODUCT WARRANTY DISCLAIMER - Roe Racing USA hereby disclaims and excludes any and all express or implied warranties for the enclosed automobile component, unless otherwise specifically noted in the product description or literature. Pursuant to the Uniform Commercial Code, Section 2316, the Seller of this product excludes all warranties of merchantability and fitness for particular purpose. There are no warranties, which extend beyond the description on the face thereof. Further, the Seller directs Purchaser to fully examine each enclosed automobile component before installation and use. In the event any litigation arises out of this contract, jurisdiction and venue shall be in the State of Georgia, County of Rockdale. This agreement shall be governed by the Laws of Georgia.


Any vehicle modifications using performance products will likely cause your vehicle to behave differently than stock. In particular, those modifications which increase horsepower and/or torque will result in the potential for increased acceleration and top speed. You should take the time to slowly and carefully familiarize yourself with these differences. There is no such thing as too much driver training. You acknowledge by placing an order with Roe Racing that you have substantial experience in driving a high performance vehicle, and that you also recognize that modifications to your vehicle might affect your warranty coverage / emissions. Always use common sense and safe driving practices while using performance enhancing products.

NEITHER ROE RACING nor any of its officers, directors, shareholders and/or employees assumes any liability and/or risk associated with your use of any and all products sold by ROE RACING and/or installed by ROE RACING. YOU AGREE TO ASSUME ALL RISK ASSOCIATED WITH THE USE OF SAID PRODUCT(S) AND/OR MODIFICATION(S).


In consideration of SMSS Global Motorsports LLC allowing you to visit and use the Roe Racing website, you agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless SMSS Global Motorsports LLC, its member companies, and their divisions, subsidiaries, parents, affiliates, partners, chains, and their respective past, present and future officers, directors, stockholders, trustees, employees, agents, insurers, servants, managers, estates, predecessors and/or successors in interest, representatives, assigns, attorneys and all other persons, firms, or corporations with whom any of the forgoing may have been, are now, or may thereafter be affiliated (collectively "Releasees”), from any and all claims, charges, injuries (including, but not limited to, death), actions, causes of action, sums of money due, suits, debts, liens, covenants, contracts, obligations, costs, expenses, damages (including special, general, incidental, consequential, or other damages), judgments, agreements, promises, demands, claims for fees and costs, or liabilities whatsoever, in law or equity, arising out of or relating to your use (lawful or unlawful) of the Roe Racing website or the Content, your breach of any of the Terms and Conditions set out herein, your use of any linked websites reached through Roe Racing your inability to access the Roe Racing website for any reason, your reliance on any errors or omissions on the Roe Racing website, or your contraction of computer viruses of any nature obtained through your use of the Roe Racing website or any website accessed through the Roe Racing website. You agree to defend, indemnify and hold SMSS Global Motorsports LLC, and Roe Racing, their officers, directors, employees, agents, licensors and suppliers, harmless from and against any claims, actions or demands, liabilities and settlements including without limitation, reasonable legal and accounting fees, resulting from, or alleged to result from (1) your breach of these Terms and Conditions or (2) your unauthorized or unlawful use of this Website or the Content.

Privacy Disclosure

What is Roe Racing's Privacy Policy?

Roe Racing recognizes that customer information is confidential and personal. Our employees take specific steps to protect the privacy of information about you and your account. As an organization in the auto services industry, we recognize that privacy is critical, and the sensitivity to protecting information is continually growing with the expansion of electronic commerce. You may count on us to protect your information with a high level of security and appropriate discretion.

What personal information is collected?

We collect nonpublic personal information about you from the following sources:

  • Information we receive from you on applications or other forms.
  • Information about your transactions with us, or others.
"Nonpublic personal information" is nonpublic information about you that we obtain in connection with providing a product or service to you. For example, information regarding your account balance, and payment history would be considered nonpublic personal information.

Does Roe Racing disclose my personal information to third parties?

We do not disclose any nonpublic personal information about our customers or former customers to anyone, except as permitted by law.

We are permitted under law to disclose nonpublic information about you to other third parties in certain circumstances. For example, we may disclose nonpublic personal information about you to third parties to assist us in servicing your products, or to government entities in response to subpoenas.

What about confidentiality and security?

We restrict access to nonpublic personal information about you to those employees who need to know such information in order to provide products or services to you. Our code of conduct requires that any information our employees have about the financial affairs of any of our customers must be held in the strictest of confidence. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with federal standards to guard your nonpublic personal information. Also, all account information transmitted to Roe Racing USA website over the internet is protected by encryption.

Roe Racing USA strives to maintain accurate information on all of our customers. To confirm or dispute information that we have collected about you, please contact us.


What modifications or upgrades do you recommend with the Supercharger?

Viper - We recommend a 170-degree thermostat, smooth tubes, high flow air filters, no cats or high flow cats at the least, a new fuel filter and a good set of spark plug wires for best results. Beyond that, it depends on how much power you want to make.

SRT Ram - We recommend a 170-degree thermostat, no cats or high flow cats at the least, a new fuel filter and a good set of spark plug wires for best results. Beyond that, it depends on how much power you want to make.

What kind of power should I expect to get?

Viper - Typical HP gain, peak number to peak number at 5psi is 28% with 93-octane fuel. Greater gains in percentage are experienced below the peaks, with a 45% torque increase at low RPM's. Higher boost yields higher HP and Torque. More power can be made depending on engine modifications.

SRT Ram - Typical HP gain, peak number to peak number at 5psi is 28% with 93-octane fuel. Greater gains in percentage are experienced below the peaks, with a 45% torque increase at low RPM's. More power can be made depending on engine modifications.

Does my car need new pistons?

The system was made to run with stock pistons.

I hear that 2000 and newer Viper and SRT Ram trucks have cast pistons. Is it safe to run with cast pistons?

These vehicles do have eutectic pistons. The top ring land is very close to the top of the piston. This limits the amount of safe cylinder pressure you can run. Our standard 5-psi system is designed for use with these pistons. Adding nitrous oxide or increasing boost is not recommended on these vehicles. We recommend forged pistons (original equipment in 1992 to 1999 engines) for higher boost applications. Direct replacement aftermarket pistons are available.

What octane fuel do I have to use?

A minimum of 91 octane is recommended. Octane is also you limiting factor on how much boost / timing advance you can run. The higher the octane, the more timing advance / boost you can run, which yields greater power gains.

Does it come with throttle bodies, or do I need new throttle bodies?

Both stock and aftermarket throttle bodies fit the system. You may use your existing throttle bodies. None are included with the kit.

How is the engine tuned for use with the Supercharger?

We reduce the timing advance under boost and increase the fuel to air ratio. Under normal vacuum driving conditions, it's tuned to stock settings. 

How does this affect my factory warranty?

In regard to engine warranty, it will most likely void it depending on the relationship you have with your dealer. However, you will still have warranty rights on other parts of the vehicle. View the "Specialty Auto Parts Consumer Bill of Rights" on the internet at http://www.enjoythedrive.com/content/?id=8123.

Does the Supercharger system have a warranty?

Yes, 12 months and unlimited mileage for all parts included in the system. This warranty provides for the warranty exchange of any Supercharger System part that is found to be defective during this period of time and does not cover any other parts of the vehicle or labor.

Is the car going to run hotter with the Supercharger?

The engine will run the same temperature as before under all normal operating conditions. Horsepower builds heat, so the motor will only run warmer when you are driving the vehicle hard.

I have a carbon fiber air-box on my 1996-2002 Viper. Will I be able to use it with the Supercharger?

It is not a direct "bolt-on" but the carbon fiber airbox can be modified to work. Our intake tubes are slightly higher and wider than stock on the 1992-2002 system. Most of the aftermarket air boxes extend to the stock throttle bodies and have very short smooth tubes. There isn't enough movement available in the short tubes to cover the change in location so longer tubes may need to be utilized. The stock air-box will still work with the Supercharger.

Is the Supercharger emissions certified?


Will the stock catalytic converters be ok?

The stock cats have 4 substrates and are designed for the stock car. With higher exhaust volume and richer air/ fuel ratios, they can overheat causing heat damage to nearby components. We recommend no cats or high flow cats.

Does everything fit under the hood?


Is the stock fuel pump enough, or does it have to be replaced?

Viper - This depends on the year. The 1996-2002 Vipers have smaller fuel pumps than earlier and later models. Generally, the smaller fuel pump is good for producing up to 610 rear wheel HP and up to 5,500 RPM. Anything above that should use a fuel pump voltage booster or larger pump. Once you reach a point around 700 RWHP, the pump may have to be replaced if the fuel to air ratio falls off in conjunction with the fuel pressure.

SRT Ram – The stock fuel pump does not need to be changed or modified.

I have stock exhaust manifolds. Will the Supercharger be ok on my car?

Yes, but keep in mind they're designed for a stock cubic inch motor. You'll be adding over an additional 200 cubic inches worth of air under boost with the Supercharger. The exhaust volume flowing through the pipes goes up with engine RPM. The stock exhaust should not be restrictive for low to mid range RPM use (idle to 4,500 RPM), but should be increased in size for best results at higher RPM's.

I hear the stock crankshaft hub is not keyed. Does it have to be keyed?

The Viper crankshaft and balancer hub are not keyed from the factory. This in itself is not a problem as long as the bolt remains at factory torque (250 ft/lbs). For further security, we have created a tool, which allows the installer to pin the crankshaft and hub together. The tool is included in the kit.

Will the car idle normally?

Yes. Idle is still controlled by the factory PCM. Nothing in the Supercharger system alters or controls engine idle.

Is there any whistling noise from the Supercharger?

There's a very slight whistle when the Supercharger is cold and you rev the engine lightly. While driving normally, there is no additional noise. At full throttle, spectators in front of the car will hear what has been described as a "Jet-like" sound as the vehicle approaches.

Will the engine exhaust be louder?

Generally, yes.

How is the boost controlled?

Boost is a function of Supercharger RPM and efficiency versus engine RPM and efficiency. The boost is controlled by the diameter of the supercharger pulley.

I have a modified heads on my engine. Can I use the Supercharger kit on it?

Yes, though you will need to ensure the fuel pump and lines are up to the task of flowing the increased fuel needed. 53 lb/hr injectors are standard in our kits (factory is 25-29 lb/hr depending on the year). If the head or deck heights have been cut, the Supercharger manifold mounting surfaces may need to be cut also. There is enough material in the manifold for port matching to larger intake ports.

Can I run more than 5-psi boost?

The boost you can run depends on your pistons and octane of fuel. Forged piston motors (stock 1992 to 1999 engines) are better suited for higher boost. Fuel octane also plays an important role and a minimum of 93 octane is recommended.

Viper (92-99) – Yes

Viper (00-02) – Yes. When our methanol injection kit is installed boost can be upgraded to 6.5 psi. If the stock pistons are swapped for forged pistons higher boost levels can be obtained.

SRT Ram – We do not recommend higher boost levels unless the stock pistons are swapped for forged pistons.

How difficult is it to install the Supercharger System?

Viper (92-96 RT/10) - Most installations take about 11 - 13 hours, with shorter times possible from experienced installers. The installation is done with the car on the ground and no bodywork has to be removed, though it is more comfortable if you remove the hood (less than 5 minutes and requires no adjustment when re-installed).

Viper (96-02 GTS & 97-02 RT/10) - Most installations take about 8 – 9 hours, with shorter times possible from experienced installers. The installation is done with the car on the ground and no bodywork has to be removed, though it is more comfortable if you remove the hood (less than 5 minutes and requires no adjustment when re-installed).

SRT Ram - Most installations take about 8 – 10 hours, with shorter times possible from experienced installers. The installation is done with the truck on the ground and no bodywork has to be removed

What do most shops charge to install the Supercharger?

Hourly rates vary depending on the shop. Typically it is best to quote the times listed above and let the shop tell you what the installation charge would be.

Can I really install the Supercharger myself?

If you're mechanically capable of performing your own service, have tools and a place to install it, yes. We pre-assemble most of the components, seal them and put them in individually numbered boxes for ease of installation.

What if my engine has detonation (pinging)?

We supply standard 91 and 93 octane fuel cards with the system. If our standard tune VEC3 program cards do not meet the needs of an engine, we make changes to the program. Ignition timing advance can be easily altered at specific RPM and boost ranges as needed with the VEC3 software.

Can I use my Mopar PCM with the system?

We recommend the original equipment PCM.

Is there software for programming the SCT Tuner so I can do it myself?

Yes, SCT has a Pro Racer Package Software Package that will allow you to define and load your own custom tunes.  

If my car needs service, where do I have to send it?

The Supercharger does not change anything regarding how your vehicle is serviced. There are no items placed in the engine compartment, which hinder access (i.e., it still only takes 5 minutes to change a serpentine belt and no parts have to be removed to do so). All standard items are still accessible and the Supercharger requires no special maintenance. Continue to have your vehicle serviced as it was before the Supercharger.

My car has a lot of blow-by when the engine is hot. What about crankcase ventilation?

We offer a crankcase breather assembly that easily installs into the valve cover in minutes. Companies such as Summit Racing offer catch cans also.

I live in high altitude. Will the Supercharger work here?


Does a kit for a 1996 GTS fit a 1996 RT/10?

1992 to 1996 RT/10 engines are considered "heavyweight" or Gen 1 engines. 1997 to 2002 RT/10 and all 1996 to 2002 GTS engines are considered "lightweight" or Gen 2 engines. The kits for Gen1 to Gen2 are different.

Can I use Nitrous Oxide with the Supercharger?

Yes, but you will need custom program cards to tune fuel and timing correctly.

Does it have an intercooler?

An intercooler is not necessary for a twin-screw supercharger. However, we do offer a methanol injection kit, to lower air and supercharger temperatures, to achieve higher engine output with increased timing and boost levels. We have found our methanol injection kit to work much better than an intercooler.

Is it safe for road racing use?

Yes, as long as the rest of the drive train system is setup to handle it. Forged pistons are recommended, as is improved engine oil cooler. The Supercharger itself actually runs cooler at wide-open throttle and several owners track their cars with them.

What kind of ¼ mile times should I expect with the Supercharger?

That varies tremendously based on driver, tires and other upgrades. It is not uncommon for a Viper to run mid 10's with a good driver, slick / skinnies and the standard bolt on upgrades.

What if my car doesn't run right?

All the normal mechanical rules still apply with the Supercharger. It in itself is just an air compressor. Vipers are notoriously finicky cars in regard to setting check engine lights. Normal, good sense diagnostic work typically reveals the cause, Supercharger installation related or not. We have over 600 systems in use and can typically help you diagnose most potential problems. We also include a comprehensive trouble-shooting guide with each kit. There is nothing that can't be corrected or overcome.

I have higher compression in my engine. Can I use the Supercharger on it?

We don't recommend anything over about 10:1 at 5 psi. Too much timing needs to be pulled out to stave off detonation above that point.

Do I have to change the camshaft?

No. The system is designed to work with your original equipment camshaft, though greater gains are possible with a custom designed cam or our supercharger grind cam.

Do you have a head and cam package available for the Supercharger?

We have cylinder heads available which feature improved flow, better valves and lower compression. We also have a cam that was designed to work very well with our supercharger kit.

Can I get a spare belt?

Yes, we have good supply of 7 rib belts on the shelf. But, if you need something from the local auto parts store in a hurry, a standard serpentine belt (6 rib) at the same length will work just fine.

Does the Supercharger get its oil from the engine, or is it self-contained?

It's self-contained. Approximately 5 ounces (120 ml) of Castrol Syntec 5W-50 motor oil is in the front drive gear section.

What kind of maintenance does the Supercharger add?

Next to none. The oil in the unit does not come from the engine oiling system, which gets contaminated from blowby and the combustion process. Therefore, the compressor oil stays cleaner and in better condition longer. We suggest the case oil level be checked at each engine oil change. The oil color will be the first indication that a change is due, which should be at approximately 50,000 miles.

I have headers and 1.7 rockers on my engine. Is it ok to use the Supercharger with these?

Viper - Yes. In fact, these will help improve the efficiency of the engine, allowing it to get more air in and out of the cylinders, thus creating more power.

What size headers and exhaust do you recommend?

The larger the primary tubes are, the higher the RPM range the horsepower gains will be. 1&3/4" primaries with 3" collectors work well for creating the increased flow needed for 5,000 RPM and up power gains.

What is the difference between a Twin Screw Supercharger and a Centrifugal Supercharger?

A Twin Screw is considered a positive displacement supercharger, meaning it pumps a specified amount of air in one direction for each revolution. Positive displacement superchargers do not have to turn high RPM's to create boost and make full boost starting at just off idle. A centrifugal supercharger is basically a belt driven turbo, which uses an impeller to move the air. It relies on RPM to create airflow and therefore needs to spool up. The higher RPM centrifugal superchargers produce more heat than the lower RPM twin screw style. Another benefit of the twin screw style is that they make more low RPM power than the centrifugal type because of how quickly the boost comes on. A centrifugal supercharger actually causes drag and decreases power slightly in lower RPM ranges, but can make more peak HP at higher RPM's.

Once I've installed the Supercharger, will my stock intake still be able to go back on without an indication that the Supercharger was there?

Yes, nothing gets modified for the installation of this Supercharger kit.

How long does it take to remove the Supercharger and put my original intake back on?

To remove the Supercharger and install your stock intake can be done in about three hours.

What if I get a check engine light?

We suggest you purchase a simple code reading tool. They're available for less than $60 and take the mystery out of what the check engine light is for. Take advantage of the factory diagnostic system when a light comes on and find out what caused it. It may or may not be Supercharger installation related.

Can I use the stock airbox and smooth tubes I already have?

Viper - Yes. The Supercharger should get the coolest air possible. The factory air intake system is designed to pull in ambient air. We do not recommend using an air intake system that draws hot air from between the radiator and engine as this decrease power (hotter air is less dense).

SRT Ram – No. The supercharger kit comes with a new high flow air filter.

Do I have to increase my fuel pressure?

We provide larger replacement injectors with the Supercharger kit. Injectors are designed to atomize fuel within a specific fuel pressure range.

Viper (92-96 RT/10) – No. The factory fuel pressure is controlled with a regulator in the tank, which is set to 55 psi.

Viper (96-02 GTS & 97-02 RT/10) – The factory pump works great for 5 to 6.5 psi. However, for boost levels at 8 psi and above we recommend adding the MSD fuel pump voltage booster to reduce any risk of running lean at the upper RPM levels.

SRT Ram – No.

Do I have to change my PCM or have it "flashed"?

Viper (92-99) – No, we recommend the stock PCM.

Viper (00-02) – We have found that about 70% of these cars do need a PCM swap for an earlier PCM due to the parameters written by Dodge. A check engine code may arise for a "multiple misfire code" causing the car to run under it's maximum performance due to the fact that the engine can now rev much quicker than it could before the supercharger was installed. We advise customers to wait until after the supercharger installation to see if they will need a new PCM.

SRT Ram – Regular cab owners, no. Quad cab owners, yes. We can provide a new PCM or "flash" your existing PCM. The flash resolves the "torque management" feature on the automatic transmissions and also turns the cooling fan on earlier.

Supercharger Dynojet Research

Viper Gen 1 (1992-96 RT/10)

Viper Gen 2 (1996-2002 GTS & 1997-2002 RT/10)