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Universal Boost Water / Methanol Injection Kit - 92-06 Vipers

Universal Boost Water / Methanol Injection Kit - 92-06 Vipers
Universal Boost Water / Methanol Injection Kit - 92-06 Vipers

Lower intake air temperatures, add fuel, increase horsepower and torque on your ROE Supercharged, Paxton, or Turbo powered Ram SRT-10 using our water / methanol injection kit!

We’re now making available our "Universal” Water / Methanol Injection kit for use on all forced induction Viper's and Ram SRT-10’s. We’ve taken our Water / Methanol kit (used in VEC controlled Roe Supercharged applications) and added stand alone progressive controller circuitry so those without a VEC could utilize the system. The universal system is boost activated and progressively controlled based on RPM and engine load. When activated, the air fuel ratio curve follows the same path as before, but richer. This can easily be adjusted up or down to meet your engine’s needs, where you may need it richer or leaner. Adjustment to the air / fuel ratio is made by changing the pump pressure or nozzle size. No special tools or computer programming required. The combination of the richer AFR and cooler air temperature charge quenches spark knock and can allow you to either add additional boost or increase spark advance, both resulting in more power! If you don’t plan to increase boost or ignition timing, use the system to compensate for a lean fuel mixture or simply as a safety device / cool air performance enhancer for hot days. An LED lighted switch and dash mount LED light confirm when the system is powered and activating.

These systems are on backorder as of February 6th and will not be available with the progressive controller until the end of March, 2014 as we're waiting on a production run of circuit boards to be completed.

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